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Prices for 2016

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We offer all kinds of tours, from day tours, week tours, to complete holiday tours. Prices vary with the level of comfort you wish to have in transportation, accommodation and food, and duration of your tour and destinations. Jolinaiko calculates fixed prices for guiding, private car rental and airport transfers. Daily expenses for public transport, accommodation, food and entrance fees will be paid by yourself while travelling. We do also offer all-inclusive package tours.


When we have a good idea of your wishes, we will be happy to make you an attractive offer for your tour. To give you a global idea of the price level, take a look at our guiding fees, transportation costs and estimated costs per day for different comfort levels.

Guiding fees

Below are our guiding fees:

Day tour (morning till evening) 1 to 3 persons: 40 euro per day.

Multiple day tours in Ghana (24 hours a day) 1 to 3 persons: 40 euro per day / 280 euro per week.

Multiple day tours in Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso (24 hours a day) 1 to 3 persons: 45 euro per day / 315 euro per week.

Prices for groups larger than 3 persons on request. The guiding fee does not include costs of transportation and food for yourself, and costs of transportation of the guide. The guide takes care of the costs of his own food and lodging.

Costs for public transportation

Public transport 1 to 3 persons: 15-20 euro a day per person. This budget covers transport with reliable public transport companies and offers the possibility to charter a taxi in remote areas where public transport is scarce and unreliable.

Costs for private transportation / car rental

Jolinaiko advises you to consider private car rental for safety reasons, flexibility and comfort. The following cars are available for our tours and can be rented with a driver:

  • 1x Landrover Defender
  • 1x Landrover Discovery
  • 5x Nissan Patrol
  • 1x Mitsubishi Pajero
  • 1x Chevrolet Tracker
  • 1x Toyota Sienna
  • 2x Toyota Hiace mini-van
  • Toyota Coastal busses and large touring busses on request

An indication of the costs for car rental are as follows:

  • Our 4x4 Landrover Defender costs 75 euro a day including driver allowances. We offer the Landrover Defender with driver and guide for a discount rate of 110 euro a day. No air-conditioning, but very suitable for journeys off the beaten track.
  • A mini-van (e.g. Toyota Hiace or Nissan Urvan) costs 100-120 euro a day including driver allowances. Price depends upon tour destinations, tour duration and choice for air-conditioning.
  • A comfortable 4x4 (e.g. Landrover Discovery, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero, Chrevolet Tracker) costs 80-90 euro a day including driver allowances. Price depends upon tour destinations, tour duration and type of vehicle. These vehicles have air-conditioning.

The mentioned prices are an indication of the price level. Prices can vary depending on duration of the tour, countries to visit etc. Prices mentioned are without fuel. We will make you an attractive offer as a part of a travel proposal, including an estimate of costs for fuel.

Please see our car rental page for answers to frequently asked questions about private transportation. You can see photos of examples of the cars we use in the Jolinaiko Vehicles photoalbum.

Accommodation, food and entrance fees

The costs of the accommodation and meals will vary depending on your own personal requirements. A reasonable budget for accommodation, food and entrance fees would be:sailboat

Low budget / Basic comfort level

Basic rooms with ceiling fan and possibly shared bathroom or (bucket) shower. Occasionally home-stay or camping. With local food and occasional beer the total costs will be around 25-35 euro for two persons per day.

Mid-range budget / Moderate comfort level

Rooms with fan and private bathroom. Warm water may not always be available. With food and drinks in restaurants the total costs will be around 40-60 euro for two person per day.

Mid-range budget / Deluxe comfort level

Rooms with air-conditioning and private bathroom with most likely warm water. With food and drinks in restaurants the total costs will be around 70-90 euro for two person per day.

Top-range budget / Premium comfort level

Rooms with air-conditioning and private bathroom with warm water. Extras like a swimming pool, wifi etc. are mostly available. With food and drinks in restaurants, the total will be around 100 euro for two persons per day and above. More modern rooms at mid-range hotels cost 60-75 euro a night, top end rooms start from 125 euro.

Airport transfers

We can arrange comfortable airport transfers from and to the International Airport in the country you arrive, to/from your hotel or guesthouse. One of our staff will pick you up outside the airport and bring you to your hotel. If you have not pre-arranged a hotel, we can bring you to one in the price-range you wish. The charge for an airport transfer is 25 euro one-way.

Service charge

Jolinaiko charges fixed prices for guiding, private car rental and airport transfer. On top of that, a fee of 15 percent of the total sum will be calculated, to cover our administrative and organisational costs.

Exchange rate fluctuations

We have to adapt our price levels to the currently heavily fluctuating exchange rate between Ghana cedis and euro. Prices in travel proposals are always based on the exchange rate of that moment. Therefore they can be slightly different from the prices mentioned above, which are an indication.

Booking Terms and conditions

Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions, which apply to all our tours.
Please read them carefully before confirming your booking with us.

We travelled three weeks through Ghana with Apollo. From Accra westward along the coast as far as Nzulezo stilted village, and north to Kumasi, from there to the east, east of Lake Volta and back again to Accra.

The journey in one word: fantastic! Travelling with Apollo as a guide, we visited local initiatives for tourism like Bunso Arboretum, Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary and Liate Wote, where we climbed Ghana's highest Mountain.

Being with Apollo made it quite easy to come in contact with Ghanaian people and that was what I liked most during this trip. While travelling, there was time enough to hear more about Ghana and to share thoughts about development, poverty, government etcetera.

I experienced that everywhere in the world there are people who want to realise their dreams and it takes all of us to make the world a better place to live in.

Marijse koelewijn,
The Netherlands.
Small as his agency is, Apollo did a marvellous job organizing our trip and we appreciated especially that we could influence everything according to our ideas. The mix of an organized tour and independent travel, we are no longer very young (72 and 70), and the well balanced ratio of cost and what we got for it was perfect. We would like to thank him and his guides and drivers who were extremely nice and helpful.

Renate and Dieter Finsterer,
Nuremberg, Germany.